Across the North Pacific

The transit form The Marshalls to British Columbia took us from the tropics where exhausted noddys sat on our fingers,

North Pacific Crossing2 012

through the winter-like conditions of sub-Aleutian waters, where S wore 4 hats, 3 coats and 3 pants. She was like a little Russian doll.

NorthPacCrossing 034

Finally we reached the pleasant but damp weather of BC coastal waters where the rain kept K awake.

NorthPacCrossing 020

As usual the birds were the most dependable comrades. The noddy spent a day or tow on top of the bimini.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 246

Varieties of boobies stopped by.

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 197

Ailuk and N Pacific Crossing 1 301

One blackfooted albatross was fascinated by the feel of our wake. He would land just behind the transom over and over for hours.


We also had a couple of mahi over for dinner.

North Pacific Crossing2 051

We are pretty sure we had more than our fair share of squalls on this trip.

North Pacific Crossing2 060

The view from inside a squall:

MidwayPassage 030

It was a very long trip and we noticed our age creeping up one us with a constant rotation of ice packs for the joints of the off watch.

NorthPacCrossing 055

Never have we been more pleased to be tied up to a commercial fishing dock in the fog.


48°56.45’N 125°32.47’W   07-Aug-11 03:28 UTC

8 Responses to “Across the North Pacific”

  1. Susan Ross says:

    Congratulations on your successful travels!

    It has been a joy for me to read your updates — please keep us informed as the the next chapter in your lives!

    Dennis and Susan Ross
    s/v Two Can Play
    La Paz, Baja

  2. Jake says:

    So glad you made it! Looks like you got a nice slap in the face for your last leg, hope you don’t hold it against us. Can’t wait to see you in the office K (although I’m sure you could).

  3. Tom Barnett says:

    It has been a real pleasure reading your blog and your photo essays. You have the touch. Congratulations on a safe return! I hope you’re not all done with this cruising thing if only for my sake as I get to read your stuff. GOOD LUCK in everything you do.

    Tom Barnett
    s/v Tempus Fugit
    Maine Coast

  4. Linda and Tim Fields says:

    So glad you guys got to make this voyage and even happier to know you are back safe on this side of the great pond. Your travel logs and pictures were fantastic–made it easy for us land lovers to feel we were a part of the journey as we sat in our easy chairs and followed your escapades.

    Will look forward to more adventures for you in the future–perhaps on land this time?
    Tim and Linda

  5. K & S says:

    Thanks everyone, what a relief to have no more oceans to cross between here and home. Now we just need cell phones and drivers licenses and a car and DSL and insurance and bus passes and a storage unit and office clothes. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhggggggg!

    Still a week or two left…

    K & S

  6. Richard Roll says:

    Good on ya! I’ll be in Seattle to deal with a house issue, see you then, 2 -3 weeks or so. Lee & Kazi will set the boat in Majuro.

  7. Gary Arnold says:

    I am still not good on the computer but found out navigation is a piece of cake on a smart boat I jus t hope the nav stuff never fails then we will see how tough it is keep travelen Some day we may run ah see you on the deep blue sea glad your trip was as good as you portrayed it fantastic thanks for the help and encouragement I can not wait till december “Happy Sails”

  8. K & S says:

    Hi Gary, we’ve been wondering what kinds of adventures you’ve been having! Hope we can get caught up soon. Fair winds!