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3 Responses to “Home”

  1. Gracehead says:

    Hi Susie and Ken, Welcome back and congratulations!
    What do you mean, you did laundry before e-mailing us. We are quite perturbed. Write ASAP!
    Monica and Grace

  2. ROS & JOHN PAWLEY (OZ) says:

    Hi Ken and Susan – Have just caught up on your blog and am so excited that you have arrived home. Will view all your adventures on site at a later date, but wanted to drop our well wishes. Kind regards John and Ros

  3. Gloria and Michael says:

    Congratulations on closing a remarkable adventure and coming full circle back home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. What an adventure you’ve had- so happy to have met you along the way. Let us know your (real) thoughts about the slog (or was that fog?) home. You made me so homesick with the beautiful photos of the Spit, Racerocks. Even $100 worth of laundry sounds and the westcoast rain sounds divine! Drop us an email when you get a chance. Gloria and Michael from S/V PaikeaMist