The Hanging Gardens of Midway

Coral atolls suffer from a frustrating paucity of dirt for the gardener.

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The traditionalist piles every scrap of organic material that the pigs won’t eat in a raised bed and plants a precious lime tree in the middle.


The Midwatians have a solution that dispenses with all the coconut husks in favor of a growth solution of soluble nutrients.


They did the math on air-freighting food to the island at charter flight cargo rates and found that $30k (farmer not included) will buy you a containerized hydroponics farm that is cheaper in the long run . The baby starts have a special nursery tray (with optional mouse trap).


Then they get transplanted into row after beautiful row of picture perfect chemical-free greens.



The trays are pH buffered for about a dozen types of lettuce, cabbage and herbs. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and melons are on a drip system, pruned to an optimal leaf-to-fruit ratio.


John H set us up with a full cornucopia of veg before we left. S built a hydroponic hammock and we carried fresh growing greens and herbs all the way across the north Pacific.  Delightful!

MidwayPassage 018

We left the Marshalls with the worst fresh provisioning ever but arrived in Canada with a couple of garden fresh tomatoes. Can’t plan this stuff.

28°12.50’N 177°22.50’W   04-Aug-11 01:28 UTC

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  1. Christy says:

    Welcome back to this side of the pond guys! I LOVE the hydroponic hammocks and I vote for either a blog on how to do it or a lesson when you get home :)