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Big Birds

Monday, November 16th, 2009

This post is dedicated to our friends at Pelican Packaging Inc.001

Everyone loves a pelican, in most places they are the comical residents of the local pier looking for easy chow.


The pelicans of Baja are more serious, they are an organized fish killing army of thousands, annihilating schools of bait fish with disturbing efficiency.


We watched as The Six Pelicans of the Apocalypse gathered a pterodactyl legion of menhaden death.


A horde of pelicans and cormorants smelled the blood and gathered from miles around, covering the surface of the bay with waves of low level birds.


Soon, thousands of circling birds plunged into an area the size of a swimming pool as the bait school made its way past the point and into the bay (probably a mistake on their part).


These birds were operating under VFR with no flight traffic control authority and yet we documented no midair collisions.


The fisherman’s coop also mobilized to cash in on the bait bonanza.


Two skiffs put out a small purse seine.


Then they noticed a lot of pelicans.


AGHHHHHHH!! It’s a pelican nightmare!

TortugasToSantaMaria 004

By the time they got to the end of the net they had one fish box of bait left and were floating in a sea of bloated, burping birds.

27°41.00’N 114°52.70’W 15-Nov-09 20:00 PST